Forward Engineer: Methodology
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Forward Engineering: Methodology Overview

White paper prepared by Codel Services Ltd


All meetings are to be no longer than an hour. Workshops should have both technical and user representatives.

To be successful there needs to be close cooperation between business and technical teams ideally facilitated by a business analyst.

After each section code is forward generated from the model (as far as possible) and what ever functionality is available is demonstrated to end user for feedback into the next session.

Workshop schedule

Session 0: Define goals and scope

Only required before first iteration may wish to have again to review possible tactical changes and refinements

bulletInputs: PID
bulletDeliverable: Use case model

Session 1: Define Business Process

bulletInputs: Scope/PID documents; Supporting business material
bulletDeliverable: Draft Activity Model

Session 2: Define Business Scope

bulletInputs: Business Reports; Domain knowledge
bulletDeliverable: Draft ACM

Session 3: Identify Business Rules

bulletInputs: ACM and Activity Model
bulletDeliverable: Draft sequence model (scenario)

Session 4: Identify Business Rules

As many sessions as required to cover all business rule specifications in draft 

bulletInputs: Scenario model
bulletDeliverable: Operation specification

Session 5: Business Rules Pseudocode walkthrough

Structured walkthrough, using scenario of pseudocode


Inputs: business rule specification


Deliverable: User acceptance

Analysis schedule

After each workshop daily analysis reviews to review and refine draft models.


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