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The following pages gives an abstract example of how a systematic approach was taken to model a very sophisticated schedule able to operate in an event driven (i.e. straight-though) as well as traditional batch mode.

This is a key way in which Codel Services Ltd can help your organisation: by looking at a complex problem in a lateral, innovative yet extremely practical way.

Key drivers of this approach

Business Event Management (BEM) is primarily a technology lead initiative. It is however important to understand the typical business drivers are:

bulletTime to market
bulletevolving and rapidly changing at both the tactical (ability to deal with short term conditions) and strategic level (such as the ability to deal with new and evolving financial products, and business rules).
bulletGeneric process definition
bulletability to define things at one level that can be extended for specialist concepts (i.e. apply OO tenets to requirements definition)
bulletsingle schedule framework able to operate in both event-driven and batch modes

These same themes apply to both the schedule and rules engine parts of our solution.  

This leads to the key requirements of:


So we know what constrains our solution. Lets discuss what our solution will look like….


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