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A schedule is a sequence of activities (both system and manual) that can be planned together. It is the response to a trigger event.

A schedule can be further described by a series of macro level tasks. Each of these tasks can fulfil a goal of a user (and thus can be standalone in its own right). From a user’s perspective they are black box. Thus a schedule can be perceived as a broader end to end process.

Tasks are a composites of low level activity – which is defined as something that actually does something (a set of code being executed, or a person performing something) and has a result. By allowing both the system and human duties being performed in the same end-to-end the schedule can fulfil the responsibilities of a classic workflow (or job management)

The building blocks of a schedule are thus:

bulletSystem Activities
bulletManual Activities

This can be modelled as is shown here, with a business example of each (note this examples is built upon as we go along and is concluded with a detailed version):

These activities can be:


To a large extent the flow of events is very similar to those of in both cases, but generally speaking:

bulletFor event driven the trigger is often unpredictable, the execution is perceived real-time and is performed on a individual logical transaction,
bulletFor batch driven the trigger tends to be predictable (a 10pm trigger is after all certain to occur), the execution has a processing window, and is performed on a often large group of logical transactions.

But these are not hard and fast rules - since even event driven processes could be designed to have a predictable trigger - for example it may be desirable to only initiate the accept trade task between certain hours, the start and end could be defined as temporal triggers.

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