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Dependency on Events

In the previous model all three “levels” of the schedule definition share common behaviour in one respect – they all have dependencies – i.e. events that must occur. Except for schedules and tasks these are primary, and for activity secondary.

Although we can visualise the tasks being “strung” together, what is actually happening is the task knows its trigger event – which could be based on a previous task being completed, or some external event – as far as the task goes it “doesn’t care”. The dependency of events are thus either:

bulletPrimary Events (Those that exist outside the system domain)
bulletSecondary Events (Those that occur as a result of or within system domain)

Our model now looks like….


This is an important concept and allows a single definition to works at both generic and specific levels

For example the End of Day (EOD) schedule for Bonds may be similar to Swaps for an organisation e.g. the have the same triggers (if this wasn’t the case there would be no realistic basis for a generic system). The trigger values will be different for Bonds and Swaps … something we will come to this later…

Routing logic

Dependency thus allows for both:

bullet Routing Logic (Planned flow based on different conditions)
bullet Exception handling (Planned response to failure)

Routing logic allows for separate dependencies based on the outcome of an activity, the applicability or the pass/fail states to be defined, or what the activity has done (e.g. get me an algorithm) (although as discussed later these will have different implementations).

Routing can also be in series and parallel

Now we will look at a worked example, extending some of the themes we have discussed.

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