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Defining Process Design

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Purpose of this paper

This document sets out an approach to completing the Process Design. It covers the some of the rationale behind the choice of sections of the associated template, and gives guidance as to how to complete them.

Worked examples are shown throughout the document. For clarify these are shown as shaded box-outs.

Note: for details on how to obtain the template for this deliverable, please visit the templates section.

Purpose of process design deliverable

The work process design is a formal deliverable, with one per significant stage of the process (usually sub-process). The deliverable has the following purposes:


To give guidance to how the process is to be executed (from a functional perspective)


To gives audit the opportunity to asses sub-processes’ ability to satisfy control and risk


To specification artefacts required to support the business process (e.g. reports, business rules etc)

But is not:


To replicate user manual (i.e. won’t reference screenshots)


To provide detailed design or architecture document

It should be sourced largely from the Process and Ownership documents, but will also require new input (which will need end-user verification) to satisfy:


Specific needs to relevant participants


System and infrastructure changes (e.g. changes in processing from data sources)


Additional controls.

Context of process design deliverable

This deliverable is process design – describing the “how” as apposed to the process and owner deliverable’s “what”. As well as describing the steps the process will follow in a SOX/audit compliant manner, it must also describe in detail the design of the controls, the impacted roles responsibility and any informational needs. It is subject to its own template to cover how this is to be set out, described in the following sections.



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