Importance of BPR
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Business Process Considerations

White paper prepared by Codel Services Ltd


This paper briefly outlines some points to consider regarding business process re-engineering (BPR), as well as informally highlighting some of the common objections to why this is done. 

Items for considerations 

Why do BPR?

Or: I have no time for worrying about procedures, why should I bother? 

        Defines set of standards and benchmarks for stakeholders to follow

        Drives out efficiency savings in the business

        Promotes a higher return on investment on existing IT initiatives

        Satisfies regulatory and/or risk pressures

How is structured BPR different to informal BPR?

Or: I have produced a couple of Visio flowcharts already, surely this is enough? 

        Informal BPR good at presenting high level information to senior stakeholders, but is difficult to derive benefit elsewhere

        Structured BPR allows connection to scope, analysis, procedural, system engineering initiatives, whilst still remaining accessible to senior stakeholders.

        Where there is a culture of structured system engineering, it is especially difficult to obtain return on investment on BPR unless it is structured too.

Who is involved?

Or: I can see this is important, just dont take up any of my time  

        Ad-hoc commitment from all stakeholders to provide their expertise in how they want their business to be run.

        Full time role to facilitate workshops, perform analysis and collate documentation.

        Executive buy-in and proper sponsorship.

Which areas require business processes defined

Or: This will effect other areas, but not mine  

        Parts of business where ownership is confused

        Processes that require large numbers of collaborators

        Process that have a high expectation

        Process to mitigate key risks

        There is dependency on 3rd parties

        There are legal or regulatory obligations


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