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We can mentor you on the adoption of structured analysis and design methodologies, both industry standard or bespoke.

Software engineering can often be complex. To succeed, it demands the use of IT methodologies. However off-the-shelf methodologies can often be unwieldy or inflexible.

Codel services specialises in developing methodologies in conjunction with you and your organisation to meet your specific needs.

Since every organisation is different so flexibility is required here: Some demand a very structured process, others require a more agile approach. Since no single method is right, this is why Codel Services can offer you a difference, as we understand the differences and what is right for you.

On the left navigation bar are a sample of some of our bespoke methodologies.

bulletThe enterprise modelling approach is designed for large, complex IT initiatives
bulletThe forward engineering approach is designed for agile or extreme programming, where analysis feeds directly into the output code.
bulletDesign principles illustrates a number of OO techniques and patterns analysts can adopt to ensure their modelling can be used for forward engineering.
bulletBusiness rules approach is an agile methodology for quickly developing object orientated solutions
bulletComponent use case approach, describes a way of specifiying "white-box" use cases without entering into early design
bulletUse case realisation approach, describes a number of pragmatic ways in which to take your use cases forward
bulletSecurity Modelling shows an example of how UML can be used to model a mission critical part of the architecture: role-based security.

For further information on our range of consultancy services please call us - details are shown on the contacts page.

Business Analysis

Given the wealth of Codel Services experience and adaptability we can meet any of your short term analysis needs, both on- and off-site. Within one week of working with you, we can guarantee that we can make a difference.

Object Orientated Process Mentoring

Pragmatism is an import discipline in IT. Whist all methodologies are in their purest sense are dogmatic, every Company has a subtly different environment, and existing practices. Therefore by adopting a methodology without care wasted effort can occur By allowing Codel Services to be involved you can be assured that this won't happen. A recent example of how we applied such techniques to the problem of Straight Through Processing can be found on the menu bar to the left.

Business Process Reengineering

Often IT impacts the business as much as the business impacts IT. It is therefore essential to view what this impact would be and

bulletavoids politics
bulletend to end issues
bulletlack of integration

Codel Services has successfully used this methodology at a number of site including KPMG, one of the World's leading consultancy companies.

However such an approach to be worthwhile needs to by both systematic and easily carried forward to detailed analysis. An example can be found on the menu bar to the left, or in the methodologies section of this site.

IT is more than Java or the latest technology - it is acceptance, adaptability and understanding


We have over 5 years security and business continuity experience with clients including:

bulletHM Customs & Excise
bulletLondon Clearing House

All these companies required a extremely robust IT solution for security and continuity. By applying Codel Services business reengineering experience look at big picture as well as detail. A very simplistic example of our security model can be found on the menu bar to the left.

These areas are special in that the level of scrutiny is that much higher.