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Agile Testing

We can mentor you on the adoption of agile testing methodologies, both industry standard or bespoke.

Software engineering can often be complex. To succeed, it demands the use of IT methodologies. However off-the-shelf methodologies can often be unwieldy or inflexible.

Codel services specialises in developing methodologies in conjunction with you and your organisation to meet your specific needs.

Since every organisation is different so flexibility is required here: Some demand a very structured process, others require a more agile approach. Since no single method is right, this is why Codel Services can offer you a difference, as we understand the differences and what is right for you.

What is agile testing? Put simply it is the close collaboration between the test writer and the developers to ensure test scripts can both be rapidly created and are robust.

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Test Plans are designed to set the scope of any testing initiative. Often testing activity fails as the scope of what is being tested and how it is to be tested is poorly understood.


Test Scripts are designed to be an agile solution to testing. They are formulated specifically for web-based applications and focus on what is really required to ensure that such applications can be proved to meet client expectations. Once completed they can be given to a third party without any specific knowledge of the application.